case 4: consulting and customer care

masaledo-Prinzip –  consultancy to optimize the e-shop



Susanne has had her e-shop for her own designer and fashion brand for a year. In this way, she has opened another marketing channel for her. The design of the e-shop has been aligned with the corporate design of her company. The e-shop features a great recognition value, which is very important to Susanne. Susanne is looking for a partner, who will help her spread the popularity of this e-shop. Of course, she does not want to be overshadowed by an umbrella brand, but she wants to retain her own design.

Thanks to the company marketing-friends s.r.o., a partner with specialists in the sales of products of this e-shop stands by her side. Our services are all offered in a way, so that you do not need to act under the Principle Masaledo.

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